We are committed to building support for marriage equality across Ohio, but we can’t do it without you. Here are four actions you can take right now that will help us move marriage forward in Ohio.

Take the pledge

Marriage matters, and no Ohioan should be denied the freedom to marry the person they love. Sign the pledge now if you agree that it’s time to extend marriage to all Ohio families!

Share your story

We’re compiling the experiences of supporters across the country to help educate all Ohioans about why same-sex couples and their families need the responsibilities and protections marriage provides. Share your story now, and you’ll help people understand why marriage matters.


We’re building a grassroots campaign in communities across the state, talking face-to-face with Ohioans about why marriage matters to gay and lesbian couples. Join a volunteer team in your community today. Sign up now!


Momentum for marriage is growing each day — and together, we’re building the campaign we need to grow and solidify majority support for the freedom to marry across Ohio. Give now and help fuel our grassroots work in communities across the state.

Help grow this campaign

We need your help to grow this campaign and increase support for marriage across Ohio. Use our Facebook, Twitter and email tools to ask your friends to join you in pledging to support the freedom to marry in Ohio.

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