As public servants, we believe in the values of freedom and equality under the law. We believe that every family should be treated with dignity and respect. We stand for marriage equality because it strengthens our communities and improves the lives of all families that call Ohio home. We are committed to an Ohio where everyone has the freedom to marry the person they love, and where all loving and committed couples can start a family and spend their lives together.

We support marriage equality and Why Marriage Matters Ohio, and we urge our colleagues to do so as well.

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Elected Officials Speaking Out

Sherrod Brown, United States Senator

“All Americans should able to marry the person they love, and they should be able to celebrate that love in Ohio. Full rights should not vary by geographical lines. Why Marriage Matters Ohio will bring this issue of equal rights to the forefront.”

Nina Turner, Former Ohio Senator, District 25

“The U.S. Constitution is clear that every citizen must be treated equally under the law. Denying anyone the right to marry violates this basic tenet of our nation.”

Stephen Slesnick, Ohio State Representative, District 49

“Our country was founded upon the basic human rights of freedom, justice and equality. To discriminate in any way against same-sex marriage is to neglect these principles and value one group of citizens over another based on whom they love. It is time for us to return to our ideals by embracing the importance of diversity and advocating for equal treatment under the law for all.”

Marilyn Brown, President of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners

“I could give a litany of reasons that marriage equality matters from a legal point of view or from an economic development point of view or from many other points of view. The real reason I support marriage equality is very simple – it’s the right thing to do. Equality and inclusion need no justification.”

Sandra Kurt, Summit County Council At-Large

“I am a proud advocate for marriage equality because all Ohio families deserve fair & equitable treatment free of bias based on the gender of the spouses. It places an undue burden & stress on families to deny them rights that others have always taken for granted, even more so for those families with children. Ohio will be a stronger state with a brighter future when marriage equality is a reality for all.”

David J. Berger, Lima Mayor

“I believe that two adults regardless of sex who love one another and are willing to commit to a lifelong relationship should have equal rights to marriage and all its attendant benefits and responsibilities. It is a matter of fundamental civil rights.”

John Cranley, Cincinnati Mayor

“Allowing same-sex couples to marry is a question of basic fairness and decency. My vision for Ohio is of a state where you are free to love the person you care for and have the same legal protections as everyone else. Life is too short and cruel to keep people from loving each other.”

Chris Seelbach, Cincinnati City Council

“I support marriage equality because I believe all Ohio families, including LGBT ones like mine, should be treated equally under the law.”

Steve Steel, Toledo City Council

“I’m proud to support the right of every loving, committed couple to get married in Ohio. It’s as simple as full equality under the law, as the US Constitution promises.”

Tim Ryan, Congressman, Ohio’s 13th Congressional District

“All of our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, friends and neighbors should be able to live and work with the same rights and benefits as everyone else. I stand with you as we work to usher in this long-overdue change.”

Ohio Elected Officials for Marriage

United States Senator Sherrod Brown

Former Governor Ted Strickland

Ohio Senator Charleta B. Tavares, District 15
Ohio Senator Michael J. Skindell, District 23
Ohio Senator Tom Sawyer, District 28
Ohio Senator Capri Cafaro, District 32
Ohio Senator Joe Schiavoni , District 33
Ohio Senator Edna Brown, District 11
Ohio Senator Cecil Thomas, District 9
Ohio Senator Kenny Yuko, District 25
Former Ohio Senator Nina Turner, District 25

Minority Leader and Ohio Representative Fred Strahorn
Ohio Representative Tim W. Brown, District 3
Ohio Representative Nickie Antonio, District 13
Ohio Representative Nicholas Celebrezze, District 15
Ohio Representative Michael Stinziano, District 18
Ohio Representative Heather Bishoff, District 20
Ohio Representative Kevin Boyce, District 25
Ohio Representative Denise Driehaus, District 31
Ohio Representative Michael Ashford, District 44
Ohio Representative Stephen Slesnick, District 49
Ohio Representative Dan Ramos, District 56
Ohio Representative Teresa Fedor, District 45
Ohio Representative Janine Boyd, District 9
Ohio Representative David Leland, District 22
Ohio Representative Kathleen Clyde, District 75
Ohio Representative Debbie Phillips, District 94
Ohio Representative Kent Smith, District 8
Ohio Representative Michael Sheehy, District 46
Former Ohio Representative Peter Ujvagi, District 47
Former Ohio Representative Mike Foley, District 14
Former Ohio Representative John Patrick Carney, District 22
Former Ohio Representative Connie Pillich, District 28
Former Ohio Representative Vernon Sykes, District 34
Former Ohio Representative Robert Hagan, District 58
Former Ohio Representative Chris Redfern, District 89

Judge Patricia Blackmon, 8th Dist. Ct. App.
Judge Sean Gallagher, 8th Dist. Ct. App.

County Executive Russell Pry, Summit County
Former County Executive Ed FitzGerald, Cuyahoga County
County Clerk of Courts Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, Franklin County
County Clerk of Courts Bernie Quilter, Lucas County
County Recorder Terry “TJ” Brown, Franklin County
County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz, Lucas County
County Treasurer Edward Leonard, Franklin
County Auditor Tom Spetnagel Jr., Ross County
President of the Board of Commissioners Carol Contrada, Lucas County
President of the Board of Commissioners Marilyn Brown, Franklin County
Commissioner Paula Brooks, Franklin County
Commissioner Pete Gerken, Lucas County
Commissioner John O’Grady, Franklin County
Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak, Lucas County
Commissioner Ted Calo, Lorain County
Former Commissioner David Pepper, Hamilton County, and former Council Member, Cincinnati
County Council Member Yvonne Conwell, Cuyahoga County, District 7
County Council Member Sandra Kurt, Summit
County Council Member Sunny Simon, Cuyahoga County, District 11
County Council Member Dale Miller, Cuyahoga

Mayor Richard Bain, Pepper Pike
Mayor David Berger, Lima
Mayor Michael Coleman, Columbus
Mayor Joe Cicero, Lyndhurst
Mayor John Cranley, Cincinnati
Mayor Sara Drew, Stow
Mayor William Healy II, Canton
Mayor Frank Jackson, Cleveland
Mayor Kim Maggard, Whitehall
Mayor John McNally, Youngstown
Mayor Debbie Neale, Village of Lakeline
Mayor Gary Norton, Jr., East Cleveland
Mayor Don Plusquellic, Akron
Mayor Susan Renda, Moreland Hills
Mayor Mike Summers, Lakewood
Mayor Georgine Welo, South Euclid
Mayor Nan Whaley, Dayton
Vice-Mayor David Mann, Cincinnati
Former Mayor Mike Bell, Toledo
Former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, Toledo
Mayor Anne Marie Donegan, Olmsted Falls
Mayor David Foubert, Yellow Springs
Former Mayor and State Representative Rhine McLin, Dayton
Mayor Paul Wiehl, Athens

Auditor Kathy Hecht, Athens

Council President Kent Butler, Athens
Council Member Lori Askeland, Yellow Springs
Council Member Joe Cimperman, Cleveland, Ward 3
Council Member Jennifer Cochran, Athens
Council Member Hearcel Craig, Columbus City
Council Member Brian Cummins, Cleveland, Ward 14
Council Member Rachel Dorothy, Worthington
Commission Member Karen Duncan, Springfield
Trustee Stephen Flaherty, Berlin Township
Former Council Member George Forbes, Cleveland, President
Council Member Kevin Flynn, Cincinnati
Council President Andrew Ginther, Columbus
Council Member Daniel Gordon, Bowling Green City, President Pro Temp
Council Member Kevin Kelly, Cleveland, President
Council Member Zach Klein, Columbus
Council Member Mamie Mitchell, Cleveland, Ward 6
Council Member Eileen Paley, Columbus
Council Member Mike Schadek, Upper Arlington City
Council Member Chris Seelbach, Cincinnati
Council President Pro-Tem Yvette Simpson, Cincinnati
Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld, Cincinnati
Council Member Steve Steel, Toledo, At-Large
Council Member Richard Trojanski, Maple Heights City, 6th District
Council Member Priscilla Tyson, Columbus
Council Member Lindsay Webb, Toledo
Council Member Matt Zone, Cleveland, Ward 15
Council Member Mark Luetke, Sylvania
Council Member Rich Swirsky, Akron, Ward 1
Council Member Carol Floyd, Newark
Council Member Dee Hall, Newark
Council Member Alex Rolletta IV, Newark
Council Member Jack Ford, Toledo and Former Toledo Mayor, Former State Representative, Former Toledo School Board Member
Council Member Brian K. Housh, Yellow Springs
Council Member Karen Winthrow, Yellow Springs
Council Member Marianne MacQueen, Yellow Springs
Council Member Gerald Sims, Yellow Springs
Former Council President Joe McNamara, Toledo
Council Member Matt Cherry, Toledo
Council Member Mike Craig, Toledo
Council Member PatJeffers, Clyde
Council Member Phyllis Cleveland, Cleveland
Council Member David Tadych, Bay Village
Council Member Wendell Young, Cincinnati
Council Member Jeremy Blake, Newark
Council Member Shannon Hardin, Columbus
Council Member Stephen Keyes, Bexley
Council Member Christine Knisely, Athens
Council Member Michelle Mills, Columbus
Council Member Deneese Owen, Bexley
Council Member Steve Patterson, Athens
Council Member Jeff Risner, Athens
Council Member Michelle Papi, Athens
Council Member Sandy Spang, Toledo
Council Member Theresa Gabriel, Toledo

Board of Education Member Joe Lacey, Dayton

Dayton City Commissioners

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