new study from the Williams Institute shows that the freedom to marry would be a huge boost for Ohio’s economy as same-sex couples plan their weddings and wedding guests purchase goods and services in the state.

  • As many as 9,842 in-state same-sex couples would choose to marry in the first three years if the freedom to marry becomes law in Ohio.
  • The total spending on wedding arrangements and tourism by resident same-sex couples and their guests would add an estimated $70.8 million to the state and local economy of Ohio over the course of three years, with a $45.2 million boost in the first year alone.
  • This economic boost would add $5.0 million in sales tax revenue to state and local coffers.
  • Spending related to same-sex couples’ wedding ceremonies and celebrations would create 296 to 889 jobs in the tourism and recreation sector for the state.
  • Out-of-state same sex couples who travel to Ohio to marry would spend additional funds on wedding planning and tourism not included in the figures above.

Ohio Small Businesses for Marriage

Ohio Small Businesses for Marriage is a broad coalition of small businesses from across Ohio lifting up their voices to support marriage equality for all. Already, more than 250 small businesses in Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland have endorsed the freedom to marry for same-sex couples.

Click here to read their stories and see why small businesses in the Ohio support marriage.

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