Big marriage push in Ohio begins today

By Elyzabeth Holford – Executive Director, Equality Ohio

OpenGraphIt’s a big day in Ohio!

Right now, fair-minded Ohioans are standing with Equality Ohio and our coalition partners at events in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus to launch Why Marriage Matters Ohio — an unprecedented public education campaign that will build support for the freedom to marry across the state.

Our position is simple: no Ohio family should be denied the critical protections and respect that only marriage can ensure. And we believe Ohioans are ready for a conversation about why marriage matters to all families in our state.

In the coming months, Why Marriage Matters Ohio will run a grassroots campaign unlike anything Ohio has seen before – and together, we’ll grow and solidify majority support for the freedom to marry.

If you’re ready to move marriage forward in Ohio, click here to sign our pledge and say that you support marriage for all Ohio families.

We’re launching this campaign because couples like Siobhan and Maritza in Reynoldsburg shouldn’t have to explain to their five-year-old why their family is treated differently than other families. We’re uniting as a state because after nearly 30 years together, couples like Jack and Bill deserve to be respected in the state we call home.

This campaign is about who we are as Ohioans.  And together — one conversation at a time — we’ll make the case for the freedom to marry in every corner of the state.

You can support this campaign right now. Sign our pledge now and say, “I support marriage for all Ohio families!”

Thanks for standing with us!